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  • June 23rd, 2010

    A Second Chance for Chardonnay

    In the past I’ve not been a big Chardonnay fan…and I know I’m not alone.  When I think of Chardonnay I get a mental image of grandma sipping that super oaky and buttery stuff from a plastic cup with an ice cube dropped in it.  Again, not a fan.

    Photo by Jenny Downing

    Photo by Jenny Downing

    But, with 4th of July right around the corner, I’ve made the decision to give America’s most popular grape another try.  And with impeccable timing, Snooth just authored a perfect article for those who want to join me.  From the article:

    California’s winemakers are just now beginning to understand the terroirs where Chardonnay excels, and they have begun to adapt winemaking techniques to the terroir, and not vice versa. For years many in California were committed to producing Chardonnay via Burgundian methods; let’s face it, white Burgundy was, and continues to be, the benchmark for Chardonnay.

    Be sure to check out the complete article by clicking here.  Snooth reviews more than 20 Chardonnays complete with tasting notes.  I’m planning to try at least a few, hoping to identify at least one Chardonnay I’ll be proud to serve and drink.

    Enjoy…and be sure to share your Chardonnay faves.

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