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  • July 19th, 2010

    Wine News – July 19, 2010

    At Uncorked Cincinnati we’re all about Cincinnati wine, but we also like to keep our eye on the rest of the wine world. Let’s see what’s going on.

    Photo by paulaloe

    Photo by paulaloe

    James Suckling Retires from Wine Spectator
    James Suckling, a name synonymous with Wine Spectator, has retired from the magazine.  Wine Spectator has already made moves to replace Suckling’s responsibilities, but everyone can pretty much agree he can never truly be replaced.

    H.R. 5034: The Lies, The Facts, The Fictions
    From Fermentation another great and detailed look at the facts behind H.R. 5034, the bill currently in Congress that if passed would give alcohol wholesalers unprecedented power to regulate shipping rules.  This bill is pretty much universally despised by everyone in the wine biz outside of wholesalers, so let’s all hope 5034 dies a painful death.

    When Should You Return Wine?
    From WineCast, a quick read on when you should think about returning a bad bottle of wine.  In short, trust your nose and palate in spotting a bad bottle, and feel confident in returning it.

    A Plethora of Affordable Chardonnay
    A few weeks I posted on how I’m giving Chardonnay a second chance.  With impeccable timing, Tim Lemke over at Cheap Wine Ratings is on a Chardonnay kick with his reviews.

    Keg Wine – Oregon Wineries Take Advantage of Innovative Packaging for Wine
    From Palate Press, several Oregon wineries are getting innovative with their wine packaging by selling wine kegs to restaurants for by-the-glass pours.  A lot of other advantages as well.

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